Breathtaking Wedding Dress in Amazing Silhouette with Sparkling Flower Appliques and Off Shoulder Tulle Straps.

Adorning this magnificent silhouette are sparkling flower appliqués that glisten like drops of dew in the morning sun. Each delicate flower is meticulously crafted with intricate detailing, adding a touch of romance and charm to the dress. These sparkling appliqués are strategically placed, creating a mesmerizing visual journey that draws the eye and tells a story of beauty and love.

The dress features off-shoulder tulle straps that exude a sense of ethereal elegance. These straps delicately frame the shoulders and collarbones, adding a touch of femininity and softness to the overall look. The tulle material lends an airy and weightless quality, creating a dreamlike aura around the bride as she moves.

The combination of the sparkling flower appliqués and the off-shoulder tulle straps creates a harmonious interplay between opulence and delicacy. The dress manages to strike a balance between glamour and subtlety, resulting in a design that is both captivating and refined.


Lace Train Wedding Dress with Straight Neckline, Plain Satin Wedding Dress with Lace Train, Romantic Wedding Dress, Minimalist Dress

Dress features an elegant and timeless design, starting with a classic straight neckline that accentuates your collarbones and shoulders with grace. The bodice is tailored to perfection, providing a flattering and sophisticated fit. Delicate and intricate lace embellishments adorn the bodice, adding a touch of romance and a hint of vintage charm.

As the eye travels down the dress, the silhouette flows seamlessly into a dreamy and ethereal skirt. The straight cut extends into a graceful train, adorned with layers of exquisite lace that cascade down the back. The romantic lace train creates a mesmerizing effect, trailing behind you, leaving an enchanting impression.

The Flower Appliques used in the dress is of the high quality, featuring floral patterns and intricate details that add a sense of delicacy and refinement. The train, in particular, is a focal point, creating a stunning visual impact without overpowering the overall simplicity of the gown.
EDEN Dress is designed to capture the essence of romance and timelessness, making it a perfect choice for who seeks a classic yet modern look on her special day.


Breathtaking Wedding Dress with Plunge Neckline, Plain Wedding Dress with Lace Train, Crepe Wedding Dress with Spark and Train

CATALINA Dress is a testament to refined taste and a discerning eye for fashion. The way she gracefully hugs your figure while maintaining a sense of understated glamour is truly captivating. The clean lines and cut-out bodice design give your dress a sexy and chic allure, making her a perfect choice for the contemporary bride.

COLOuR: IVORY + NUDE (colour as in picture).

❤ MATERIAL: Luxury Elastic Crepe, Sequined Flower Appliques, Underlay.

❤ LENGTH: Floor length with Train.

❤ CLOSURE: Closure is Lace up.

PLEASE NOTE: The bodice part (except the bra part) of this style is semi transparent.

❤ NOTE: CATALINA is available only in Ivory Colour as in pictures. If you need a Custom Colour (For Example Black), please contact and we can talk about the options. In that case I would need to use alternative Flower Appliques as the original ones are not available in other color